Bizarre words in English, 2

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Like many languages, English has kept some old words that are only used in specific situations. You need to recognize these words and know their meanings.

Here is a list of some uncommon words that you might read or hear:

unbeknownst - Unbeknownst  means 'unknown to someone'. For example, "Unbeknownst to me, my wife planned a surprise party for my 50th birthday."

froward - Froward looks like the word "forward", but actually has a completely different meaning. It means "stubborn or difficult". For example, "The froward horse refused to allow anyone except her master to ride her."

bode - Bode means to predict, to look into the future. It is often used in the negative, as something "does not bode well". For example, "The fall in the stock market does not bode well for the company's earnings." 

abode - Abode looks like bode, but it actually means a home or a dwelling. a place to live. "After a month of traveling, he returned to his abode in the mountains."

You do not need to use these words in your writing, but you should recognize them if you read them on your exam.

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