Cambridge Writing Task 1 - Essay

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The Cambridge English Certification requires written work from the student. Following is a sample question and a sample answer. (Usually, answers are between 150 - 200 words)

1. In your English class you have been talking about money and sports. Your English teacher has asked you to write an essay on this topic:

Are top athletes paid too much money?


Write about:

1. Salaries of top athletes
2. Fans and advertising
3. .......................................(your own idea).

Click here for a sample essay.

Top athletes in sports earn a lot of money. Some athletes make millions of dollars per year for playing a game. They are on television, in magazines and newspapers, and can make even more money through advertising, such as shoes, clothes, or other products. It seems unfair that one person, usually a man, makes so much money when there are so many poor people in the world.

At the same time, fans pay money to see their favorite players play. A top athlete has to be careful about his or her health and training, and does not lead the same life as everyone else. Advertisers pay to show their products during matches, and while the player makes a lot of money, there is an entire system of other people around the player, like the club's employees, or the employees of the television station or magazine, who also earn a living.

Finally, top athletes make a lot of money but so do top artists, like singers, actors, even writers and painters. People pay money to see the talent that these people have. If clubs have enough money to pay the best players millions because people want to see them play, then the best players will continue to be paid millions to play, even if it seems unfair.

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