Cambridge Speaking Task 4 - Questions related to the discussion

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Cambridge English Speaking Task 4 uses the information you discussed in Task 3. The interlocutor will ask you questions based on the discussion you just had.

Some sample questions are:

Why is it important to go to university?

Are there alternatives to university?

Do you want to continue your studies? Why or why not?

Would you study in a university in a foreign country?

A university degree leads to a good job. Do you agree or disagree?

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It is important to go to university to have a specialized education and a good job. High school is not enough for people who want to work in sciences, medicine, engineering or even teachers.

University is not for everyone. Some manual labor jobs like electricians or plumbers have their own training programs.

I want to become a ___________________, so I need to continue my studies at university. 

It is difficult to study in a foreign country because of the money involved. Even if university is inexpensive, you still need to have enough money to live.

University degrees often lead to good jobs, but not always. Some people finish university with degrees that do not have job openings, like art history or some languages.

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