QUIZ: Cohesive words in writing

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Choose the correct cohesive word/phrase to complete the sentences.

1. There are some slight variations in temperature, but ________ 23ºC to 25ºC should be expected.

A. otherwise
B. consequently
C. as a rule

2. Sales of CDs have experienced a small but steady fall over the past 12 months. ________ vinyl records have seen an increase in market share, up to 3.5%.

A. Correspondingly,
B. Above all,
C. In contrast,

3. The two main exports, ________ oil and coal, contribute much more to annual revenues than any other natural resource.

A. in particular,
B. namely,
C. for example,

4. ________ it is clear that a large number of travellers visited Japan, a slightly greater percentage visited Brazil over the period given.

A. Obviously
B. While
c. Similarly

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