Cambridge Speaking Task 3 - Discussion

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Cambridge English Speaking Task 3 - Discussion with prompts

In Part 3 of the Cambridge English Speaking test, you will have to have a discussion with another person for about 4 minutes '2 minutes each). You will be given some information to read quickly before beginning your discussion. You hear:

Examiner: "Now I'd like you to talk about something together for 2 minutes.

You are asked to advise the physical education department in your school on how to have more participation on athletic teams.
Look at the task, and then talk to each other about 
how each idea might encourage students to go to join sports teams."

After your discussion, you might be asked, "Which do you think is the best option for a school?"

Click here for a sample answer.

You might begin by saying,

Former students who have gone to the school know the program well, so their talks might motivate students to want to participate on school sports teams. Professional athletes would be interesting, too, but probably more difficult for the school to find and to have come to the school to talk.

Going to sporting events as a spectator might be fun for the students, but I don't think it will encourage them to want to play sports. More time is always a good idea for students, but they are at school to study, not just to play sports.

Good facilities are important too for athletes. Many students would be attracted by nice facilities and a good environment, but I don't know if this would encourage students to want to play sports.

(second question)

The best option is probably more time. A lot of students would like to play more sports if they had the time. Plus, it does not cost anything to the school, where facilities cost money.

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