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The Cambridge English Certification requires written work from the student. Following is a sample question and a sample answer. (Usually, answers are between 150 - 200 words)

1. In your English class you have been talking about business and training. Your English teacher has asked you to write an essay on this topic.

Some people think that businesses should be more involved in education and training students for the workforce. Do you think this is a good idea?


Write about:

1. What is the purpose of education?
2. How can businesses be a part of education?
3. .......................................(your own idea).

Click here for a sample essay.

Education is a most important activity in the life of a young person. In most countries, until the age of 18 a young person is in some sort of school. In many cases education continues after high school at some sort of higher education. The purpose of education is to prepare someone for working, but it is also to give the person skills for living. For example, math is not useful at work if you are not an engineer, but it is useful at home to deal with the bank and a budget.

Businesses can be involved in helping schools prepare students for the working world. Some very technical jobs in industry can be learned at school, and businesses can donate machines so that students leave school with skills. For example, in electronics or building, special skills are required and specific machines are used.

The danger is when businesses begin telling schools what they should teach. Schools need to remain independent, and teachers too. It might be good for a school team to have free Nike shoes, but if Nike then wants teachers to talk about Nike as a positive example of marketing, there is a problem.

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