Cambridge Writing Task 2 - Email, Article or Report

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Cambridge Writing Task 2

In this task, you have to write 140 - 190 words as either an answer to an email, an article based on a given title, or a report with suggestions on how to write it.

This example is a structured report.

You are talking with your friends about owning a car or using public transportation. Your teacher has asked you to turn your discussion into a report. Write a report in which you:

  • present the advantages of owning a car
  • show why public transportation is good
  • come to a conclusion about the two
Write your report

Transportation is very important. People have to go from where they live to their schools, their jobs, their entertainment, and to places to buy food, clothes, etc. 

A lot of people own cars. A car provides a person with a lot of freedom. You can just get in your car and go wherever you want to go. You can go by yourself or with friends. I think for teenagers a car represents freedom. If you live in the countryside where there is no public transportation, a car is necessary to go anywhere.

But public transportation is much cheaper than having a car. Students often have discounts to use public transportation, and in cities, there are buses and tramways and subways that are more practical than trying to park a car. Using public transportation is good for the environment too.

I think that both are useful. it is easier to transport a heavy load, such as groceries, in a car; but just to go to school or to work it is better to use public transportation.

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