Task 1: Write an answer for the diagram

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    The size and layout of these two rooms are the primary factors that are causing a monthly rental price difference. Even the two rooms have the same length, but the upper room is much bigger with 1.5m wider than the bottom room. 

    On the overview of the layout, the upper room space is divided into three areas by doors; the bedroom is much functional with an additional table, chair and window. Walk outside from the bedroom; there are other two separated areas where the tenant entry to either bathroom or the kitchen without having disturbed if he or she closes the door.

    The bottom room is smaller than the upper one with only a single space room, with every furniture placed for a single person and without any shelf in the room. The tenant can see through the whole room by standing on the doorstep. The monthly rental is $100 cheaper than the upper one. However, the tenant can utilize the entire space since there is no in-house door to separated the room. 
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