Cambridge Speaking Task 3 - Discussion

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Cambridge English Speaking Task 3 - Discussion with prompts

In Part 3 of the Cambridge English Speaking test, you will have to have a discussion with another person for about 4 minutes '2 minutes each). You will be given some information to read quickly before beginning your discussion. You hear:

Examiner: "Now I'd like you to talk about something together for 2 minutes.

You are asked to advise the headmaster / principal of your school to encourage more students to go to university. She has offered you some ideas.

Now, how might each idea encourage students to go to university?"

After your discussion, you might be asked, "Which would be the most interesting for you?"

Click here for a sample answer.

You might begin by saying,

Former students know the school, so if they are now at university, their talks might be a good example for current students. School counselors usually know a lot about higher education and are able to answer questions that students might have.

Visiting a university or two can take away some of the mystery of what a university is. Sitting in on classes, too. Professionals talking about their careers and the studies which led to their careers will help students to see how to get where they want to go.

Time in a computer lab is probably the least interesting. There is a lot of information on the Internet that students can access at home, for example.

(Second question)

For me, the most interesting is to visit the universities. People say that it is a major change from high school and I'd like to see for myself. Visiting one or two universities can help me to choose as well.

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