Cambridge Writing Task 2 - Email, article or report

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Cambridge Writing Task 2

In this task, you have to write 140 - 190 words as either an answer to an email, an article based on a given title, or a report with suggestions on how to write it.

This example is a structured report.

You have been discussing technology use amongst teenagers. Your teacher has asked you to write a report about how you and your peers use technology.

In your report, you should:

  • describe the different types of technology you use
  • talk about where you use technology
  • say what is good and bad about your use of technology

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Technology is a big part of my life and the lives of my friends. We all have cellphones, and we use them every day. I use it as an alarm to wake me up in the morning, I use it to check the weather, sports, send messages to my friends, and even to be informed of the news. Of course, I should also mention that we play games on our telephones.

We use our telephones all the time. On the bus going to school, when we have breaks at school, in between classes, and after school. At my school, we are not allowed to use our telephones in class or at lunchtime. I guess this is good because I would be distracted by my telephone in class, and at lunch, I might not talk a lot to my friends.

I feel like I have access to a lot of information through my telephone. If I need the definition of a word or a quick calculation, my telephone is available. However, I might spend too much time on social media! Social media can be dangerous because people can hide behind false identities. I try to be careful about who I share my information with.

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