Cambridge Writing Task 2 - Email, Article or Report

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Cambridge Writing Task 2

In this task, you have to write 140 - 190 words as either an answer to an email, an article based on a given title, or a report with suggestions on how to write it.

This example is an answer to an email.


Subject: the school year


I'm giving a presentation about different school systems around the world. Can you tell me about your high school system? I need to know about your school day, activities, and student life in general. Send me a reply when you can!




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Hi Joshua,

It was nice to receive your email. Let me give you some details about the French high school system.

First, our school day changes every day. My first class might be at 8 o'clock or 9 o'clock, and I might finish at 3, 4, or 5 in the afternoon. Some classes are one hour long, and other classes are two hours long. I have to check my schedule every Monday morning to see what classes I have each week!

We have all of the usual classes. Math, French, English, Science, History, Physical Education and in our final year, Philosophy. Our three years of high school prepare us for the big exam at the end of high school, the Baccalaureate. If you succeed on the exam, you can enroll in university. 

Most of our activities are outside of school. We do not have a lot of classes on a Wednesday afternoon, so Wednesday and Saturday we play sports! Or have music lessons or art or other activities. There are some clubs in school, such as chess club and we have sports teams in football and some other sports.

I hope this helps!

Your friend,


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