TOEFL Speaking Section 2

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In this part you have to speak for 45 seconds about a choice.

Look at the topic below for 15 seconds. You may make notes if you wish

Your school has decided to forbid all technology (cell phones, computers, tablets, music) at all times inside the school. What do you think of this decision? 

     Preparation Time: 15 seconds
     Response Time: 45 seconds

You should speak for 45 seconds.

Click here for a sample response:

At first, I think it is a good idea because at my school students spend a lot of time using their cell phones in between classes, at lunch, and during breaks. It is common to see students put in headphones to listen to some music during the five minutes between classes! They don't use their cell phones to study or to do research, just to play games and have entertainment.

No one in my school brings tablets or computers to class. Everyone has one at home, and when we need to use them in school there are computer labs and computers in some classrooms. So I don't think this will be a problem.

Sometimes cell phones are useful. Some teachers use online programs for quizzes, and we use our phones in class. Our schedules are online as well. But I think for the students to talk to each other forbidding technology in the school is a good idea.

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