TOEIC Reading Part 7

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The TOEIC Reading Part 7 is Reading Comprehension. Below, you are going to read a sample reading passage, each with 2-5 questions. For each question, choose the answer which you think fits best according to the text. 

Steve Jobs (1955 - 2011), a co-founder of Apple Computers, was a technological visionary. Unlike his major competitor, Bill Gates and the team at Microsoft, Jobs did not get his start as a computer programmer. He did have some electronics training and helped to build the first Apple computers, but the programming expertise came from his partner, Steve Wozniak.

His real talent came in seeing the possibilities behind technology, and, in particular, how the consumer would react to technology. For example, he was instrumental in making the first visual computer desktop while Microsoft was still using the command prompt for computer instructions. His vision extended to the look of Apple's products; he insisted on the rounded corners and intuitive interfaces such as the one button mouse of Apple products. 

His vision was contrary to the vision of Microsoft. While Microsoft eclipsed Apple in computer sales, Apple soon became the world's leading technology company with the introduction of products such as the iPod, the Apple Store to purchase media, and the hugely successful iPhone. Jobs believed that the consumer wanted products that just worked, and products which worked seamlessly together in an Apple environment.

1. What is a good title for the article?

A. Apple's Products Dominate Technology

B. The Latest iPhone

C. Steve Jobs' Vision for Apple

D. Apple vs. Microsoft

2. The word "instrumental" in the fifth line is closest in meaning to:

A. musical

B. essential

C. logical

D. profitable

3. Steve Jobs and Bill Gates:

A. Developed products together

B. Were contemporaries with different ideas 

C. Were both computer programmers

D.  Worked together on computer designs

4. How can Apple's products be best described?

A. Designed for the consumer

B. Easy to open and repair

C. Working naturally with Microsoft products

D. Difficult to find

Click here for the correct answers.

1. C

2. B

3. B

4. A

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