IELTS Academic Task 1: The Summary Statement

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When you are writing your Academic Task 1 answer, you do not need to write a conclusion, instead you must write a summary statement.  I suggest that the summary statement be written at the end of your essay and should begin with the words, 'In summary,...'

So, what is a summary statement?

A summary statement is simply a simple description of the main point(s), a summary of the main feature(s) in the graph, table or diagram.

Consider the following simple graph:

What would be a good 'summary statement'?  

Well, the question to ask yourself, as you write your summary statement is: 'What is/are the main feature(s) in the graph'?  In the graph above, there are two points:

1. Japan has the lowest number of people for most of the period shown.

2. At the end of the period, all countries have around the same percentage.

So a suitable summary statement would be:

In summary, it is quite clear that Japan had the lowest number of people for most of the period shown but by 2040, all three countries are expected to rise to similar levels.


Now it's your turn!  


Write a summary statement for the following line graph and post your answer for everyone to read below.

Note: It is no different in relation to a diagram.  You should also include a summary statement for this, too.


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