how i get assessed for my speaking in this course

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if i am doing my speaking test.how could i know how much band score i will get for that perticuler test


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    Scott's English Success contains 14 complete Speaking sample tests (for Premium subscribers) with feedback and Band 9 sample answers.  In addition, our speaking lessons and our Resource Library contain real examples, ideas and techniques you can apply as you prepare for the Speaking part of the IELTS test. Our advanced classroom instruction and proven techniques have been very helpful for students.   

    Students who have sat the IELTS test and past IELTS instructors who have tried our Practice Labs have commented that they are almost identical to IELTS test standard.  Our course will help you to build confidence for the test as you try our tests in simulated test conditions.

    In our Practice Labs we offer ‘Band 9’ answers for Speaking with full and detailed explanations of why these answers are of Band 9 standard.  Students have commented that the explanations are very helpful in understanding how to formulate their responses.  

    Students listen to a recorded question of the kind they would expect to be asked in the IELTS test and then they try to respond appropriately.  After they have tried their answer, students then click a button to hear a very good sample answer.  There is no waiting for a live teacher living in a different time zone - you are able to work at your own pace and really focus on your areas of weakness!

    Best of luck on your IELTS test and we look forward to welcoming you to Scott's English Success!

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