Europeans Studying in Europe

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European students often want to improve their language skills without traveling as far as the United States, Canada, South America or Australasia.

Europeans should remember that, because of the current laws of the European Union, they can apply as students to any European University. Many large universities have International Student centres and an application process in different languages. For example, many universities in Denmark, Germany, Sweden, and the Netherlands offer programs in English, sometimes an entire degree programme can be done in English.

For a student who wants to have a shorter experience, there is the Erasmus programme which organizes exchanges between different universities; The advantage of the Erasmus program is that it has all of the infrastructure for exchanges between universities already in place, and can help the student to validate his or her coursework between the two universities.

So, for a European who would like to study abroad without leaving Europe, look into the Erasmus program, and also contact the university in the other European country directly.

Please note that because of the Brexit proceedings, England is discouraging the Erasmus program, but many other countries have instruction in English and are happy to welcome new students.
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