TOEFL Speaking Section 1

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TOEFL Speaking test - Section 1

In this section, you will have 15 seconds to prepare a topic and 45 seconds to speak about the topic. The topic is usually a personal question. You may make a few notes (keywords) if you wish.

A friend has the chance to advance her career but it means living in a foreign country for 10 years where she does not speak the language and does not know anyone. What advice do you give her?

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I think that you should try to talk to someone who has lived in the country for a few years. It might be a good experience for you, and it will help your career.

You can also study the language before leaving. There are many different language programs that can help you, including on the Internet if you don't want to spend any money. 

You can also stay in touch with your friends using the Internet and social media. Plus, you will make new friends in the country and that will help your language level to improve.

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