IELTS TOEFL and TOEIC vocabulary: However, Nevertheless, Nonetheless, Notwithstanding, Whereas

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However / Nevertheless / Nonetheless / Notwithstanding / Whereas

Q. What's the relationship between all these words?

A. They all signal to the reader that a contrasting idea/opinion will follow in the sentence. They are called conjunctive adverbs, and usually use a semicolon to separate the two clauses.

Consider this example:

Sales of books declined in 2014; however, sales increased in 2015.

We see that the sale of books declined (a negative) but in 2015 they increased (a positive).  These two parts of the sentence show a contrasting point and they are introduced by the word 'however'.

Have a look at this example:

You wake up at 8 am; whereas I get up at 6am.

We see that you wake up at 8am (late :p) while I get up at 6am (early  B) ).  These two parts of the sentence show a contrast between times to get up and they are introduced by the word 'whereas'.  

Please write a sentence below using the word 'nevertheless'...

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