where my answers are marked?Is it on the test centre or my answer sheets are sent somewhere else?

giriraj2giriraj2 Member Posts: 2
i am just wondering where my answers are marked and does it affect my band scores.

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    Hi Giriraj2

    Are you referring to our course or to the IELTS test in general?

    If you are wondering about how we mark tests from our course at www.scottsenglish.com, in our Practice Labs we offer ‘Band 9 answers’ for Writing and Speaking with full and detailed explanations of why these answers are Band 9.  Students have commented that the explanations are very helpful in understanding how to formulate their responses.

    For writing, each paragraph is explained in detail.  A system for starting your essay is also provided in our Resource Library which our students have called ‘ingenious’ – it works every time!  For speaking, students listen to Band 9 responses and can read why the answer is of Band 9 standard. 

    We give individual, written feedback on 1 x Task 1 & 1 x Task 2 for Premium subscribers or you can purchase feedback for $19.99 (1 x Task 1 & 1 x Task 2). For more information about our course, be sure to check out our YouTube video at https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=61VnguC-ts0.

    If you are referring to the actual IELTS test, all tests are marked at the test centre where the exam is taken.  It takes about 2 weeks to get your results.

    We trust this information is helpful  B)

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