IELTS, TOEFL & TOEIC Vocabulary: Begin a paragraph with 'moreover', 'also', 'so' and 'in addition'?

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Read the 2nd and part of the 3rd paragraph written in a student's essay:
A majority of poor people are unable to afford electricity or LPG  for cooking. As a result, they use firewood to cook and this leads to air pollution and subsequent environmental degradation. Close to 60% of the population of Orissa utilises fire-wood as a cooking fuel causing air pollution. Therefore, if the financial condition of these people improves, they will refrain from burning fire-wood and resort to more environmentally friendly ways of cooking.

Moreover, it is often seen that the poor tend to live in over-crowded slums especially in big cities. These slums do not have a well established...  

Notice how the paragraph begins with the word 'moreover' (and 'furthermore').  The word 'moreover' is used to add information and it means 'also and more importantly'.   

Notice this example:
The whole assignment is poorly written. Moreover, it is inaccurate.
This sentence means that the assignment is poorly written but also and more importantly it is inaccurate. So 'moreover' is used to add a second point which is more important than the previous one.   

The sentence above could also be written:
The whole assignment is poorly written. In addition, it is inaccurate.

Using 'in addition' links the 'poorly written assignment' with the fact that it's inaccurate. 

Therefore, in light of the above-mentioned reason, we very rarely (never B)) begin a new paragraph with 'moreover' (or 'also') B).  

For further practice, go here.

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