Is spelling important in IELTS Writing (Task 1 and 2)?

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Will you lose points if you make spelling mistakes in your IELTS WRITING test?

We know that spelling is important in Listening and Reading but what about Writing?  Does every word have to be spelled correctly?

The good news is you can make a few spelling mistakes and still get a high score - IELTS calls them 'slips'. In other words, just one or two small mistakes that do not affect meaning will have no impact on your score.

Here is what IELTS states in relation to spelling and the matching band scores:

Band 8: produces rare errors in spelling 

Band 7: may produce occasional errors in...spelling and/or word formation

Band 6: makes some errors in spelling...but they do not impede (stop) communication (meaning)

Band 5: may make noticeable errors in spelling...that may cause some difficulty for the reader

Clearly, you can make spelling errors in your writing. How many spelling errors you make will impact your IELTS Writing band score.


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