Double Negatives: Further Practice

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Double Negatives

Further practice with double negatives B). Double negatives are two negative words used in the same sentence. Using two negatives turns the thought or sentence into a positive one. 

Which option A-C means the same as the sentence in bold?

1. One thing that isn’t wrong with the house is the swimming pool.

A. The swimming pool is a good feature of the house. 
B. The swimming pool is a poor feature of the house.
C. It was wrong to put the swimming pool by the house.

2. This type of car is not uncommon in India.

A. The car is rarely seen in India.
B. In India, this car is infrequently seen. 
C. There are many of these cars in India.

3. The price of the car is not an insignificant issue.

A. The car is probably quite cheap.
B. The car is probably quite expensive.
C. The price of the car is not worth mentioning.

4. Most academics are not unaware of the issue of funding.

A. Academics know about funding.
B. Academics need more money.
C. Academics do not know about funding.

5. The outbreak of the new disease proved that it wasn't non-infectious.

A. The disease was contained.
B. The disease was eliminated.
C. The disease spread.


1. A
2. C
3. B
4. A
5. C
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