TOEFL Speaking - Section 1

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In this part you have to speak for 45 seconds about a topic.

Look at the topic below for 15 seconds. You may make notes if you wish

Talk about a situation when you were confused or afraid but which finished well

     Preparation Time: 15 seconds
     Response Time: 45 seconds

You should speak for 45 seconds.

Click here for a sample response:

I remember one of my first training sessions with my high school cross country team. We went for a long run on the roads in an area that I knew well because my grandfather lived nearby. The main group was too fast for me, and I came to an intersection and I did not know which way to turn. I recognized one of the roads and I turned on it. Soon I found myself completely alone. I was not sure what to do, so I just kept running and eventually turned onto a road that I knew.

The rest of the group had not turned the same way, and they only ran 5 kilometers. Eventually the coach came running after me and found me, after I had run 10 kilometers! Everyone was very impressed but I admit that I was a bit scared being on my own running far from the others.

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