Adjectives ending in -ly

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Words which end in -ly : adjectives or adverbs?

Students learn the rule that most adverbs end in -ly. For example, "his car is the slowest" (adjective) but "his car runs slowly".

Adverbs usually answer the question "how" in a sentence. I work quickly; the mail arrives regularly at noon. An adverb can also answer the question "when", such as "I run weekly" or "She rides her bike to work daily". They answer the questions "how long" and "how often".

However, many adjectives also end in -ly. Very common adjectives such as lonely, friendly, likely, lovely, holy and silly.

For example, "she is always lonely on Friday night", or "the little boy is very friendly to everyone in his class.

Some words referring to time can function as adjectives (modifying a noun) or as adverbs (modifying a verb). This class of word includes hourly, daily, weekly, monthly and yearly.  For example, the daily paper (adjective) comes daily (adverb).

Look at the following sentences and choose "adjective" or "adverb"

1. He has really improved his math skills this year.
2. Tomorrow is a holy day, so I will not work.
3. My mistake has been quite costly.
4. There are elderly people living in the apartment next door.
5. They rarely go to the gym anymore.
6. She positively refuses to work on the project any longer.
7. There are many deadly animals in Australia.
8. That is such an ugly painting, yet it is worth millions.
9. I remember fondly spending summer days reading in the cellar.
10. That answer is partly correct. 

Click here for the correct answers:

1. adverb
2. adjective
3. adjective
4. adjective
5. adverb
6. adverb
7. adjective
8. adjective
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