Writing in Paragraphs

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Is it important to write in paragraphs?  Yes!

One way you communicate clarity and easy-to-understand ideas is when you write in clear, well-organised paragraphs.

So, what is an example of a well-written paragraph?  Well, here are some hallmarks of a well written paragraph:

1. A clear introductory statement connected to the topic
2. One example which supports your point of view.
3. One sentence describing in more detail the example you gave.

Let's see this in action.  I'll write a paragraph about online learning vs traditional classrooms. First, here are some ideas about online learning which I will then make into full sentences and then, a full paragraph.

Ideas: Advantages of online learning

  1. Topic sentence introducing benefits of online learning
  2. convenient: study anywhere, anytime
  3. cheaper than traditional classroom
Here's my paragraph using the ideas above. I've divided the paragraph into separate sentences so that you can see what I have done more clearly.

There is no doubt that online learning has many benefits.  Firstly, this method of learning is convenient, a student can study anywhere and anytime.  I recently completed a short course with a local college and I was able to study on my way home from work and on the bus - this was a real benefit for me.  Another benefit of online learning is it is typically cheaper than a traditional classroom.  All of the courses I have seen advertised online are cheaper and this makes them affordable for most people around the world.

All the body paragraphs in your IELTS, TOEFL or TOEIC test can be written following this simple pattern!

Here's another topic: Boys and girls should attend separate schools.

Now, you write a paragraph below using the guide above...

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