IELTS Academic Task 1: Summary Statement Quiz

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In the IELTS Academic test you will have to write about a graph, table or diagram.

In your answer you must include a summary statement.

Complete the following summary statements by choosing the correct word:

1. The overall trend of the graph shows that there are _____ women than men studying engineering. 

A. little
B. more

Answer: B

2. In summary,  it is quite clear that a _____ number of cars were driven by people in Australia than in the USA.

A. large
B. fewer
C. small

Answer: B

3. In summary, it can be seen that the _____ popular mode of transport shown in the graph was bicycles.

A. less
B. lesser
C. least

Answer: C

4. Overall, 2016 had _____ the highest number of football tickets sold.

A. by far
B. farther
C. farthest

Answer: A

5. Overall, the most striking change that took place on the island was the _____ number of residences that were built compared with the previous year.

A. few
B. increased
C. changed
D. fewest

Answer: B

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