IELTS General Training Task 1 (letter) - Question & Sample Answer

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Here is a recent IELTS General Training (Task 1) exam question:

You are planning to go on holiday for a week. Write a letter to your neighbour asking for him/her to look after the house while you are gone.  In your letter include:

- why you are going away for a week
- what you need your neighbour to do
- what he should do if there is a problem

Write your answer to the question above and then compare our answer with yours.

Tip: Answer each point (above) in one, separate paragraph.

Dear John

I’m writing this short letter to request your help. Next week, Alice and I will be going to Fiji for a much-needed break! We'll be there for 8 days. I'm hoping that you might be able to help me with a few things while I’m away?

Firstly, I’d appreciate it if you could collect the mail. I'm expecting an important parcel while I'm away so could you please keep an eye out for that? Another thing is taking out the rubbish bins on Friday.  They’re located right beside the clothesline. Lastly, could you do a general check of the property every couple of days – just to make sure everything is okay?

If there is a problem while I’m away, please contact me on my mobile (0414 234 235).  Alice and I will be staying at the Fiji Hilton Hotel so if there’s a problem with the mobile number, please call the Hilton on 896-2384-123.
Thanks a million for your help – I’ll bring you back some Fijian chocolate!


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