IELTS Writing Task 1: Writing about a table (Sample Answer)

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In your IELTS test, you may be asked to describe a table. You have 20 minutes to do so.

Try writing an answer to this question and post it for others to read!

When you have tried to write your own answer, check our sample answer below:

The tables show details about sales of Fairtrade-labelled coffee and bananas in five European countries in 1999 and 2004.  The figures are in millions of euros.

The top table provides information in relation to coffee sales.  It can be seen that in 1999 in all five countries, there were relatively low levels of coffee sales – ranging from €0.8 million (m) to €3m.  The biggest change however, was in the UK – sales dramatically rose from €1.5m to €20m.  The other countries showed more modest increases.

The bottom table shows sales of bananas.  Switzerland was easily the largest consumer in both years.  In 1999, sales stood at €15m while all other countries registered relatively low sales figures (€0.6m - €2m). In 2004, banana sales in Switzerland more than tripled to €47m.  The UK and Belgium also recorded significant sales increases – rising from €1m to €5.5m and €0.6m to €4m respectively. Low sales levels were shown in both Sweden and Demark, falling from €1.8m to €1m and €2m to €0.9m respectively.

In summary, the UK showed a dramatic increase in coffee sales while Switzerland was the biggest buyer of bananas.

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