Grammar Basics - What is an article?

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What is an article?

An article indicates a noun in a sentence. There are three articles in English, aan, and the.

The dog is in the basket.

An apple grows on a tree.

A and an are called indefinite articles, and the is called the definite article. Usually this means with and an that they introduce a noun for the first time, while the refers to a specific noun.

A and an are singular, and can only be used for singular nouns. An is used before vowel sounds (an orange, an event)

Example: An apple grows on a tree. BUT, Apples grow on trees. 

The is singular or plural. 

Example: The dog is in the basket. AND The dogs are in the baskets.

An article always indicates a noun in a sentence. But an adjective may come between the article and the noun.

Example: A very tall man is buying book.
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