Grammar Basics - What is a noun?

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What is a noun?

A noun is a word for a person, place, thing or idea


Often, English uses articles (a, an, the) to indicate a noun:

Example: The boy hit the ball over the fence.

boyball, and fence are nouns.

Example 2: The woman left her office at five and drove home.

womanoffice, and home are nouns

Example 3: Parents believe that education should be free for all children;

Parentseducation, and childern are nouns

Your turn! Identify the nouns in the following sentences:

1. Is his new bicycle in the garage?

2. The nurse's uniform is on the chair.

3. Our tests are on our desks.

1. bicyclegarage

2. nurseuniformchair

3. testsdesks
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