TOEIC Reading Part 6 - Choose the right words

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Select the best answers to complete the text.

To: Night shift employees
From: Parking staff
Date: August 1st
Re: Extra security measures

While no incidents have yet been reported, we have decided to 1.___________ security for everyone working nights at the clinic.

(A) intrude
(B) increase
(C) enable
(D) enrich

From August 1st, there will always be a security guard  on call in the security booth. We have also contracted with an outside company to 2.___________ cameras that will film, 24 hours a day, the entire parking facility.

(A) obligate
(B) regard
(C) install
(D) arrive

A second security guard is available on request to walk employees to their cars. The new security phone number is extension 555, in order to 3.___________ this service.

(A) request
(B) attend
(C) join
(D) control

Please click below to have the correct answers:
1. ...we have decided to increase security for everyone working nights...
2. We have also contracted with an outside company to install cameras that will film...
3. order to request this service.

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