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If you take the TOEIC writing test, you will be faced with a variety of different writing tasks. One task is an opinion essay. You have 30 minutes to write this essay. The examiners are looking for 4 -5 paragraphs in which you clearly state and defend a position.

Here is a sample business topic:

Your company, located in an industrial centre, is proposing moving to a rural area in order to save costs. Employees have been asked to give their input on this move. 

Write an essay giving your opinion on relocating the company to the countryside.

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Competition means that companies need to find as many ways as possible to lower their prices. Lower prices lead to more sales, and this is good for a company. Being outside of the city, renting or buying land is less expensive, so we can lower the cost of production of our goods.

Not only is land less expensive for the company, but also for the workers. Workers will be able to find lower cost housing, for example, outside of the city. Some workers might also have gardens and lower their food expenses.

One concern is that we will be farther from transportation. Public transportation is always better in cities where there are more people. We might also be farther from our suppliers and our customers, which might raise costs.

Cities are also cultural, educational and medical centres. It might be difficult to recruit people to come and work far from the city. People who live in the city and commute out to our factory will have added expenses for their cars.

In conclusion, I think that if we can be more competitive by moving into the country, it is a good idea, but we also need to consider the possible added costs before making this decision.

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