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One part of the TOEIC Writing test is to respond to an email. Read the email below and formulate a response. Click on the spoiler show for a sample idea.

To: Company Employees
From: IT Department Head
Subject: New logins

Date: January 7th

Dear user,

Due to many attempts at hacking as our new government project comes to an end, we are issuing temporary passwords to all employees and asking you to login and then change your password. You cannot use a previous password. You will receive a personalized message containing your new password.

Your new username is: first initial + last name, your new email is first initial + last name

Please note that you have one week to change your password, after which your account will be blocked, and you will have no access to company email or company servers. This should not affect your logon to your personal computer, if the company has issued you one.


Emmanual Kent
IT Director

Directions: Respond to the email of Mr Kent explaining that you cannot log in because you were on vacation during the first two weeks of January. Make sure to tell him what your position is and what he needs to do to help you, and what your new login will be.

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Dear Mr. Kent,

Thank you for your email of January 7th. 

Unfortunately, I was on vacation for the first two weeks of January and was unable to change my password in time. If I understood correctly, my new logon is:

As an employee in the HR department, I need to contact many employees on a daily basis. I will need to have my official email unblocked as soon as possible. I also need access to the company's servers for information about employees.

I can call you or come to your office when you are available.

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