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If you take the TOEIC writing test, you will be faced with a variety of different writing tasks. One task is an opinion essay. You have 30 minutes to write this essay. The examiners are looking for 4 -5 paragraphs in which you clearly state and defend a position.

Here is a sample business topic:
Social media is a difficult issue for many companies today. Some studies show that people at work take time away from work to consult social media such as Facebook, Twitter, Google Circles or Instagram; while other studies suggest that consulting social media gives people a short break from work and helps them feel more connected to friends and family. What do you think? Give reasons to support your opinion.

After you have written down some of your ideas in response to the above question, click 'show' to see some ideas we have come up with.

More and more people are using social media sites at work. We have access to social media through our computers but also our telephones and tablets.

Businesses see social media as distracting employees from the work that they need to do. Some businesses block social media sites on their companies' networks.

However, people often come to work with their own telephones. People cannot concentrate for hours without a break, and social media allows people to stop, interact with their friends, and then return to work.

In conclusion, businesses should accept social media in the workplace as long as employees are doing their work.

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